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A message to Congress

Posted in Thoughts for the Day on September 19, 2011 by TheRocketArtist

Thomas Paine once wrote that the eyes of future generations are watching us, judging us, not only on what we do here and now, but what we fail to try.  This nation has led the world into space.  Along the way, we have reaped the whirlwind of technology and knowledge and the glow of achieving past impossibles, which is quintessentially American.  We are the custodians of that quest.   We are the heirs of that dream. We cannot allow this nation to stand naked in space.  We cannot let the rest of the world go further and higher and dream larger.  We cannot pull back at a time when a little more might have made all the difference to the Future and made them proud.  We go into space because we have always chased a better world, a new horizon, a beckoning frontier.

Yes, it is imperative for government to live within its means, like all Americans ought to do.  But equally as vital we must stay true to our natures, to the spirit of learning new things and venturing where we have not been before.  That keeps America a vital nation and a leader of the world.  Space is not a luxury.  It is now a birthright, for all Americans and for those future generations.   The amount we spend on space amounts to less than 3% of what we spend on Defense.   And whatever we spend “in space”, is spent here, on Earth, in our own economy.  The better we understand our world, the better stewards of it we will be.   And the greater profits we will reap as we venture out into the Galaxy. Unlimited resources, countless worlds…waiting for us. I urge you not to shrink from the future, but to look ahead to the far horizon.  To summon the courage to do great things.  And to fight for this nation’s quest into the unknown.  Not just for our time.  But for all time.  Dare to be remembered for action, for courage, for a vision.  We dare not today show cowardice in the face of the Future.  NASA is not the right place to trim dollars.  A nation that loses her hopes and her dreams, defaults on her future.   Trim instead from redundant defense programs that do not make us safer.  Trim from the unending supply of meaningless pork and pet projects that bloat our budgets.  But I urge you, in no uncertain terms, to remember that this nation must go into space.  For we have, as JFK once said, thrown our hat over the wall of Space.  And we have no choice but to follow…

…future generations are watching us.